Paul Larrieu, II | Demand Generation and Management Consulting

PeopleAdmin’s client conference, PeopleConnect, brings in about 250 customers from all over the U.S. to downtown Austin for 3 days of fun, food, and learning. 2016 was no different … but the experience was! The company wanted to really create that Amazing Customer Experience. By that, I mean that they wanted to take the in-person experience and relationship building that the event brings and add to it. Developing a mobile app specific to the conference was the perfect way to do that. This gave people the flexibility and convenience of having all the information they’d need throughout the event in the palm of their hand.

2016 PeopleConnect Conference with conference host PeopleAdmin

  • Compatibility: iPhone, Android
  • Downloads: 303
  • Engagements: 81 clicks to website, 49 updated user profiles, 8 added photos
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